Working with Icebreaker

To be accepted onto the Icebreaker client roster is also a testament to your business. Believe it or not, we have actually turned away prospective clients. It is crucial to have a good understanding relationship between vendor and client in order to benefit from PR. 

Our specialty is working with new businesses and businesses that have minimal name recognition. We love jump-starting the exposure. It is like discovering the next business sensation.

So What is it that We Do? 
We get that question a lot. Below is just a small sample to give you an idea of how Icebreaker works.

Develop and Distribute Press Releases 
We carefully word your announcements to ensure maximum hook and relevance to media, and format it in styles appropriate to media. The wording and titles are extremely deliberate and thought out.

Communication Consultation
We help you understand what you need to provide journalists, identify your "newsworthy" angles, and how to maximize your efforts.

Journalist Meetings
On occasion, you too will be meeting journalists over coffee, lunch or boardroom presentations to build rapport and explain your business.

Contributed Articles
Where opportunities exist, we help you develop articles for placement in print and online media where you get the credit and author byline.

Editorial Calendars
We custom craft editorial calendars for each client to map out upcoming topics of relevance media will cover for special reports and features.

Media Training
Never spoken to media before? No problem. Icebreaker works with the best media trainers in the city to train you to handle media questions and demystify how journalists think.  

Client Case Studies
If you have clients who are willing to talk about your product and services, you may have a strong angle for media coverage. Journalists love a good case study. 

Media Relations and Story Pitches
Icebreaker is always talking to journalists to see what stories they might be embarking. This proactive practice is how we uncover some opportunities. We also identify your unique angles and pitch the media when we think you have a good story.